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upvc valves

UPVC Valves

UPVC valves

Payal u pvc Ball Valves are manufactured with the use of Lead Free PP Material. UPVC single molded Ball Valves are as per ASTM standard. Being UV stabilised, Ball Valves can be used in sunlight exposed conditions. This Ball Valves are simple and leak proof joinning system. These ball valves are free from corrosion, chemical action, and negative biological effect, hence absolutely safe for human body. This Ball Valves are used in plumbing application in Building, Industrial Process Lines.

Features :

- Size : 20mm to 110mm (1/2” to 4”)
- Suitable for DRINKING Water
- International quality approval
- White color
- Double EPDM “O” Rings
- EPDM seats


No. Description Material
1 Hadle pp
2 O - Ring neoprene rubber sheet
3 Seat (2) EPDM
4 Ball PC
5 Body PP

Application :В�Suitable For Potable Water, Most Acids & Alkalis.

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