HDPE Compression Fitting Elbow Manufacturer in India

HDPE Compression Fitting

HDPE Compression Fitting Elbow

HDPE Compression Fitting Elbow

This elbow fitting provides the ability to change the direction of the pipe within a system 90° in the shape of an arc, whilst still providing a strong and secure joint.
The MDPE/HDPE pipes to be joined must be of the same diameter.
To maintain a rigid and reliable joint connection, it is highly advised that pipe Fittings Elbow are also used.
To ensure easy installation, check out our universal strap wrench which is ideal for MDPE/HDPE pipe Joiner work.

Key Features

Material: polypropylene
Use in : Mdpe /Hdpe pipe Fittings
Sizes available from : 20mm to 110mm

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