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Push Fit Fittings

Compressor Fitting End Cap

Push Fit End Cap

Compression End Cap is part of the Compressor Fittings Group and is used for Push fit Plugging of PE/PEX Pipes. Compressor End Cap is a very good alternate for Butt Fusion Jointing as no skilled manpower is needed to joint the Plastic Pipes neither there is a need of electricity, Heating Mirror or special tools, In Butt Anjali Polymers Fittings, once joined Butt Fusion Anjali Polymers Fittings cannot be reused, But Advantage of Compressor Fitting is that it can be reused number of times, even if someone has made mistake in laying of Pipe or someone wants to change the design or want to reuse after fluffiness of purpose at one place.


Size : 25mm , 32mm (3/4" , 1") / 32mm x 1”
Material : PP
Color : Black


Agriculture to plug Water Delivery pipes and Sprinkler pipes

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